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Looking for an aluminum gangway, boat dock ramp or piers for your waterfront home?

residential gangway ramp

Residential & Private Use

Residential and Private use Aluminum Gangway Ramps and Piers are engineered and designed per current U.B.C. criteria for their use. Consider using an all aluminum bridge as a fixed pier. By spanning 40, 50 or 60 feet you can save on pilings and supports.

Because they're all aluminum there is no maintenance!

We've built clear span all aluminum gangways for Private/Residential use up to a 120' span but the most common sizes are 40' to 60'.

Fixed piers are typically 1' to 2' wider than the gangway and because they are usually level, can use a less aggressive decking than a gangway ramp. Residential use gangway ramps are quoted including our exclusive swing shackle shore bracket which has a variety of tabs and thru-holes enabling it to bolt to almost any type of shore structure. Gangway ramps also include solid machine grooved UHMW rollers and guide tracks and solid stainless steel axles. The clear span aluminum trusses typically use a round pipe top handrail that's comfortable to use and very strong.

All trusses have one intermediate safety rail 1/2 way between the deck and the handrail, full-length on both sides. As an option we can quote on providing side spacing to suit your requirements or to satisfy project specifications.

Design Criteria

Live Load .................. 40 P.S.F
Windload ................. 80 M.P.H. UBC 1997, Exp. "C"
Handrail ................... 20 P.L.F. Lateral
Utility Allowance...... 10 P.L.F.

Tech Specs

For details on the Technical Specifications of our ramps including aluminium coating proceedures and build details click on the link below:


There are many decking options. Buy the Ramp with no Deck, install your own and save $ or, pick a style that will suit your needs and we'll do the installation.

Not sure what you need?

We provide consultation services that will help identify what specs are required for your project. This kind of consultive work is generally recommended to help maximize the effectiveness of your budget, especially when there's uncertainty as to what it will take to get your job done right. Or perhaps you might just be after that all-important second opinion.

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