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Aluminum Coatings
(see also: Ramp Specs | Non-Skid Surfaces | Technical Drawings)


1. Surface Preparation

All surfaces to be blast cleaned to SSPC-SP6 using 70 Grit glass

2. Primer Coat

All surfaces to receive Sherwin-Williams Mercury Aero-Jet shop Primer.
2-3 mils DFT minimum.

3. Shield (top) Coat

All surfaces to receive Sherwin Williams Acrylic Fast Dry Enamel With hardner.
2-3 mils DFT minimum
The color shall be approved by the project engineer.

4. Touch-Up

Gangway shall be supplied with a minimum of 1 (one) quart of Touch-up paint. The touch-up paint shall be from the supplier as the Shield Coat, and shall be the same color.


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